In this context of constant innovation, the successive national and international awards that Larus has been awarded over the last 25 years, constitute meritorious public recognition, institutional accreditation and consequently the creation of future trust reserves in our work.

‘91 - National Design Award
‘93 - Design Stamps, Product Awards
‘94 - Nomination for European Design Award
‘98/99 - National Design Award (Design Global Management)
‘98/99 - National Product Design Award (Expo’98 Signalling System)
‘07 - Hall of fame (ICSID Design edition)
‘07 - Honourable Mention at the DME Award, Design Management European Award
‘08 - Red Dot Design, Award Product Design 2008, lighting and illumination category
‘09 - Sena da Silva National Design Award, winner in the company category
‘09 - Sena da Silva National Design Award, winner in the product category - Rua Series
‘10 - Bid 2010 (Ibero-american Biennal) tom paper bin, vesúvio bollard
‘10 - DME Award, European Design Management Award
‘11 - Red Dot Design Award, Honourable mention, tom paper bin
‘11 - Red Dot Design Award, Winner, + line
‘11 - Face to Face, Best Conference Award
‘12 - Honourable Mention in Bid 2012 (Ibero-american Biennal)
‘13 - Nomination for German Design Award 2013
‘14 - Red Dot Design Award with Sheet paper bin and Souto Moura insert (Alba)
‘15 - Nomination for Daciano da Costa National Design Award

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