We are willing to develop customised projects, respecting and valuing local identity and culture, incorporating our knowledge, experience, and respecting local authors.

Expo’98 wayfinding

Wayfinding system for the 1998 world exhibition, held in Lisbon - Portugal.This resulted in a structural pole (Poste Larus), developed and patented by Larus, which with a refined presence, allows hiding the fixing systems.Multimedia kiosks were also developed, as well as shading structures. Design: Henrique Cayatte, Pierluigi Cerri, Shigeo Fukuda

Guia beach - terrace bar

The project in Guia Beach - Vila do Conde (northern Portugal), intended to respect the surrounding area of a 16th century military defence building, through the usage of copper sheet and a series of other noble materials. Design: Paula João

Medina Casablanca

This furniture highlights Moroccan culture. As a reference, the gates of the old Casablanca medina and the Hassan II mosque, geometric patterns, and Moroccan pottery. It includes benches, bins, signage, and touristic-cultural signs. Design: LARUSDESIGN

ORION lighting pole

Allows the lowering of its upper encouraging community involvement of populations in the maintenance of the photovoltaic panels. The LED luminary enables high quality lighting and energetic autonomy thanks to the batteries installed in the ground. Design: LARUSDESIGN

Embondeiro Line

Solution that resorts to historical and cultural references. Seeking its draw in the physiognomy of the autochthonous Embondeiro (baobab) tree of Angola, it contributes to strengthening the local identity. Design: LARUSDESIGN

Fortress Belt

Rehabilitation and interpretation project of a Spanish line of fortifications, for protection against the French squadrons. Built during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, it extends from Antwerp, Belgium, to the provinces of Zeeland and North Brabant in the Netherlands.It integrates street benches, shelters, panoramic stairs and bicycle racks....

Sharjah wayfinding

Wayfinding for the historic, urban, and pedestrian areas in the Sharjah emirate, where geometric shapes have been used as a result of the research into Arab traditions, symbols, and cultures. LED interior lights and printed information on tempered and laminated glass. Design: LARUSDESIGN

Casablanca Marina

Street furniture fot the new Casablanca Marina (Morocco), based on concrete benches with creased angular faces, which originated a product line called “Clean”. Design: LARUSDESIGN

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