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LARUS in Sri Lanka's largest development

LARUS will furnish the public spaces of the Keells Waterfront, the largest real estate development in the city of Colombo in Sri Lanka.

The “Vesúvio” bollards designed by the architect Alcino Soutinho (1930-2013) will be present throughout the project and will protect the pedestrian walks of the illicit invasion of motor vehicles, "without imposing an excessive presence either formal or physical, with the ramped face to the pedestrians side and the more aggressive edge to the side of the transit", explains Pedro Martins Pereira, CEO of LARUS.

The Keells Waterfront is an unprecedented project in Southeast Asia, integrating a six-star hotel, a mall, luxury residences and offices, assuming the identity of "a city within a city". The multinational architectural company Balmond Studio is responsible for the execution of this project, which will be completed in 2019.

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