CHECK-UP Track health

Health self-assessment solution contemplating an indoor area (the “Check up Centre”), and an outdoor pedestrian circuit where and useful information and self-examination billboards can be found.

Innovative project with a positive impact in public health that aims to provide useful information and enable users to take full advantage of their physical activity. Based on the concept of “Self-Assessment”, “Check Up Tracks” were designed to be mainly developed in municipal structures already in place, with pedestrian footpaths that serve the local population.
Initially, users are referred to the “Check-Up Centre”, an indoor area, where they may find a series of medical equipment and informational boards.
After undertaking the various assessments available there, they should go outdoors so they may start their pedestrian circuit,
In the designated areas 11 billboards are placed along a training circuit already indicated through complementary directional signposts. Along the way, the park users are encouraged to perform a series of physical tests which will help-alert them or make them aware of various health related issues.

Standard Equipment
- 11 informative panels (Welcome, Check-Up Center, Start, Muscle Stretching, Subjective Effort Perception, Ideal Heart Rate Value, Perfect Marching Speed, Food Wheel, Color Blind Detection, Eye Check, Heartbeats Recovery Speed);
- directional plates;
- traveled distance;

Indoor/Check-Up Center:
- scale and caliber (body weight and height);
- sphygmomanometer (blood pressure);
- tape measure (waist circumference);
- podoscope (feet sole analysis);
- sugar level meter;
- 12x informative panels (allow to interpret tests results): Waist Circumference, BMI Chart, Type 2 Diabetes and CDV Risk, Blood Pressure, Fatal Cardiovascular Risk, Oxygen Saturation, Feet sole analysis, Arterial Test, Flowmetry, Testicular Self-examination, Breast self-examination, Hydration Level;

Optional equipment:
- flowmeter (urinary flow)
- pedometer (accounting steps)
- defibrillator (basic life support)
- oscillating and vibrating platform
- cardiac events recorder


Outdoor equipment: steel, HPL (high pressure laminates /phenolic resin)

Indoor area / Check-Up Centre: steel, HPL (high pressure laminates /phenolic resin), aluminium, fibreglass, glass, sandwich panel.

- customizable dimensions
- customizable interior

Versions & Dimensions (LxWxH)
Informative Panel (600x1800x90mm)
Directional Plate (200x6x500mm)
Traveled Distance (200x6x300mm)

Check-Up Center (4000x3000x3000)
or any existing structure with at least 12m2


    2D files (dwg)
    3D files (stl, skp)

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